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The GOOD & The SAFE Pedestrian Crossing Head Covers

 We at (PIE) have been making and distributing these "NOT IN SERVICE" Pedestrian Crossing Signal Head Covers (PCH) Nationwide since 1990. Like most other new innovative products which come into the market, besides our original Sign, Signal, and PCH covers, through out the years as we received requests we got involved in making covers for "NOT IN SERVICE" Pedestrian Push Button (PPB) Covers, shown at the bottom left picture. 

 And later we had requests coming in for State & National Park Visitors Center Sign Covers and for their other large irregular signs, like Smokey the Bear, Please see these at "State & National Park Sign Covers" under "Products"     

Placing orders:

Placing orders for these and all other products is very simple and with minimum time consuming. Please E-mail your price quote requests (PQR) ,must include all your contact information to ensure a quicker response. We'll reply promptly with your items plus our complete price sheet.  Keep in mind you are saving time & money while purchasing from PIE, because we are the manufacturer and direct distributor of these safe, standard, and clean looking covers. We are also proud to say our products are 100% made in the U.S.A. 


Please note:

* Pacific Innovations Enterprises (PIE) is the company 

* Traffic Sign & Signal Cover Concepts is a Product Brand Name

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