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A common sense solution to your safety concerns

The short history behind this new innovation replacing the "Make-shift" cardboard, rags, bags, plywood, etc. to cover the "NOT IN SERVICE" traffic signs and signals after hundred ten years of Highway industry. Mr. Sean Noorzad, with MS degree in Petroleum Engineering from the university of Texas at Austin, after loosing his job and house, like thousands others, due to Texas economic crash of 1989, decided to close that chapter and move on West to California. The 48 hours drive witnessing "Make-shift" covers turn apart, hanging, some flying away, the bad look, not being safe, danger, and not conveying a clear message for him and his family gave him the idea of creating the uniform, standard, and form fitted coverings for such traffic devices, and more.

About Pacific Innovation Enterprises | Mission Viejo, CA | Pacific Innovation Enterprises | 949-215-7747

The original designer and manufacturer of the standard, form fitted traffic sign and signal covers

We began in 1990 with the introduction of the Traffic Sign & Signal Cover Concepts™ line of the standard and form fitted traffic sign, signal & pedestrian crossing head covers. These are a patented design style that changed the face of work zone safety. In 1993, Better Roads™ magazine readers selected our covers as one of the top 20 best products of the year. By 2001, PIE's formfitting style of "NOT IN SERVICE" traffic sign & covers became the Standard Specification in the APWA Work Area Traffic Control Handbook, called WATCH.

Starting years ago and more these days Cities, Counties, and State-DOTs are including the specifications of our safe, clean, easy to use, reusable, time & money saving, easy to order, form-fitted, standard, and uniform traffic sign, signal, pedestrian crossing head, and pedestrian push bottom (PPB) covers within their standard specifications and requesting their contractors to use these safe covers.

Eliminate the possibility of serious work zone and auto accidents!
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