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Traffic Signs

In all models, shapes, and sizes during Street,Road, and Highway Constructions need to be covered, because they are "NOT IN SERVICE" and they don't want motorists to see them. Unfortunately in the past 110 years of HWY industries government agencies have not had any regulations and specifications for their own Work Zone and/or contractors when it came to covering traffic signs, signals, ped. heads, and other traffic devices while "NOT IN SERVICE".


Traffic Sign and Signal Covers | Pacific Innovation Enterprises | 949-215-7747

Don't spend a fortune to ensure your work zone is safe.

Whether it's new installation or maintenance project, it's your duty to make your work zone as safe as possible for both your workers and drivers on the road. By investing in our standard, form fitted traffic sign covers, you'll save money and improve safety for everyone involved.

Make a smart investment for your work site.

Say goodbye to trash bags and duct tape! Get a safe, clean, economical alternative that is practical and built to last with our innovative traffic sign cover design.

  • Middle strip openings designed for technical viewing
  • Covers available for 2-Section, 3-Section, A-frame, and 8" head signals
  • Convenient and easy for workers to install for reduced libaility
  • Custom fitted, reusable designs to give you the most for your money

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